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Icon18 i am your disease

I found this poem many years ago in treatment. Just though i would share it. I have no idea who wrote it.

you know who i am
you've called me your friend
wishes of misery and heartache i send
i want only to see that your brought to your knees
im the devil inide you
i am your disease

I'll invade all your thoughts
I'll take hostage your soul
I'll become your new master in total control
I'll maim your emotions
I'll run the whole game
Til your entire existence is crippled with shame

when you call me i come sometimes in disguise
quite often i'll take you by total surprise
but take you i will and just as you've feared
i'll only want to hurt you with no mercy spared

If you have your own family
I'll see its destroyed
I'll steal every pleasure in life you enjoyed
I'll not only hurt you i'll kill if i please
I'm your worst living nightmare
I am your disease

I'll bring self destruction, bbut still you cant tell
I'll sweep you through heaven, then drop you in hell
I'll chase you forever , wherever you go
and then when i call you you wont even know

I'll sometimes lay silent, just waiting to strike
whats yours becomes mine because i take what i like
I'll take all you own and i wont care who see's
im your constant companion
i am your disease

If you have any honour i'll strip it away
you'll lose all your hope and forget how to pray
i'll leave you in darkness, while blindly you stare
i'll reduce you to nothing and wont even care

so dont take for granted my powers subline
i'll bend and break you time after time
i'll crumble you world with the greatest of ease
i'm that madman inside you i am your disease

But today im real angry
you want to know why
i let this whole room of addicts slip by
how did i lose you, where did i go wrong
one minute i had you, the next you were gone

Can you remember all the good times we shared
when you were all alone wasnt i who appeared
when you sold those possesions you knew you would need
wasnt i the first one who stepped in and agreed

Now look at you bastards, your all thinking clear
youve escaped with your lifes, when you found your way here
only fools think they're winners when admitting defeat
its what you must say when youre claiming that seat

So go ahead and surrender, if thats what you choose
but im not giving up cause i cant stand to lose
so stand in youre circles and pray hand in hand
for god to come save you leaving me to be damned

Well be damned all your meetings each night of the week
be damned higher powers however unique
be damned all your sayings, be damned your cliches
be damned every addict who backs to me stray

For i know it will happen, ive seen it before
those who love misery will crawl back for more
so take comfort in knowing im waiting right here
but next time around you better beware

you think that your stronger or smarter this time
there wasnt a mountain or hill you cant climb
well if thats what your thinking you aint learned a thing
i'll still knock you silly if you step back in my ring

but you say youve surrendered
so what can i do, its so sad in a way i had big plans for you
creating your nightmare for me was a dream
im sure gonna miss you wer made quite a team

so please dont forget me, i wont forget you
i'll stand by your side watching all that you do
im ready and waiting, so call if you please
i wont let you forget me
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